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01 It's unlikely that he can pass the GRE. 他不大可能通过GRE考试。  1. There must be something wrong with the computer.一定是电脑出了问题。2. She can't be in her office.她不大可能在她的办公室。3. I feel that he's not affected. 在我看来他没受什么影响。4. That's about it.差不多是这样。 
02 We've arrived at a decision now. 现在我们已经决定了。  1.I've made up my mind. 我已下定决心。2. I've decide to go on holiday.我已经决定去度假。3. I'm determined to sell the car.我已经决定把这部车子卖掉。4. Then it's a deal.那就这样定了。  
03 Would it be all right if I sit here? 我可以坐在这里吗?  1. Would you mind if I open the window? 我打开窗户,您不介意吧? 2. Do you mind my smoking here?您介意我在这里吸烟吗?3. Am I allowed to park here?我可以把车停在这个地方吗?4. May I borrow your pen?我可以用一下你的钢笔吗?  
04 Yes, certainly you can. 是的,你当然可以。  1.Of course not.当然不介意。 2. Not at all. Please do. 一点也不,请吧。 3. Go ahead.请吧。 4. All right.行。 
05 I'm sorry. That's not allowed. 很抱歉,那不行。  1. No way. 不行/没门儿。 2. Out of the question. 没门儿/不可能。3. No, you can't. 不,你不能。4. Of course not. 当然不可以。  
06 Here's a little sth. From me. 这是我的一点小意思。  1.I'd like you to accept this small present as token of our appreciation.我想让您收下这件小礼物以表达我们的谢意。2. Would you care for some whisky?想要喝点威士忌吗?3.Help yourselves to some seafood.请自己随意吃些海鲜吧。4. This is for you. 这是给你的。 
07 Oh,terrific! Thank you so much! 噢,太棒了!多谢!  1. I'd like it very much.我很想要。2.Yes,Please.好的。3. That's very kind of you.你真是太好了。4. It's exactly what I wanted.这正是我想要的。  
08 That's very kind of you, but I'd prefer not. 谢谢,我还是不要了吧。  1. I'm afraid I can't, but thank you. 恐怕我不能接受,谢谢。2. I'd better not, thank you.我不能接受,谢谢。3. Thanks all the same, but I won't.谢谢,但我不能接受。4. No, thank you. 我不要,谢谢。  
09 Shall I give you a lift?   我开车送你一程好吗?  1. Can I help you with that?我来帮你好吗?2. Let me help you to carry the books. 我来帮你拿书吧。3. Is there anything I can do for you? 我能帮你做点什么吗?4. What can I do for you?我能帮您做什么? 
10 Yes, please, if it is not too much trouble. 好,如果不太麻烦的话。  1.I'd be most delighted if you could help me.如果您能帮助我,我可太高兴了。(正式用语)2. Thank you. I'd appreciate it.谢谢啦! 3. That's nice of you, thank you.你真好,谢谢你。 4. Great!太好了!  
11 Please don't bother about it. 请不用为此费心。  1.I'm afraid I can't accept your kindness to help.恐怕我不能接受您的帮助。2. No,thank you. I can handle it.不必了,谢谢你。我自己能行。3. No,it's OK,thanks.不,没关系,谢谢。4. No,don't worry. 不,不用担心。  
12 I'm sorry, but I missed that.   对不起,我没听清。  今天的几个句子都是有关请求重复的:1. I beg your pardon?再说一遍好吗?2.Would you mind repeating that, please?请您重新再说一遍好吗?3. Pardon?再说一遍好吗?4.Please say it again.请在重复一下。 
13 Do you feel like having a cup of hot tea? 你想要喝杯热吗?  1. I would like to invite you to our New Year party.我想邀请您参加我们的新年聚会。2.Would you like to go to the concert?你愿意去听音乐会吗?3. Could you come to our dinner?跟我们共进晚餐好吗?4. What about playing chess?下盘象棋怎么样?  
14 Thank you. I'd be glad to. 谢谢,我愿意。  1.It's very kind of you to invite me.谢谢你邀请我。2.That would be nice.那太好了。3.Yes, I'd like to very much.是的,我很愿意。4. With pleasure.好的,谢谢。  
15 I wish I could,but I have to meet my friend.   我倒想去,但我得去接一个朋友。  1. Thank you very much, but I've already had a date with Mr.Green.非常感谢,不过我已经约了格林先生。2. Oh,what a pity! I'm going to a lecture.哦,真可惜!我马上要去听一个讲座。3. I'm afraid I can't. But thank you all the same.我恐怕不能去。不过我还是要谢谢你。4.I'd rather not.But thank you very much for inviting me.我还是不去了。但还是要谢谢你邀请我。 
16 Do you intend to attend the party? 你想要出席那个聚会吗?  1. What are you going to do?你打算怎么办?2.What do you intend to do? 你想要做什么?3.Are you going to book a seat?你打算定个座位吗?4. Do you have any intention of going abroad?你有出国的打算吗?  
17 I have no intention of hurting you.   我没有伤害你的意思。  1.I'm not thinking of meeting him.我不打算去接他。2. I won't tell him when I see him tomorrow.明天见到他的时候我不会告诉他的。3.I don't intent to accept his offer.我不打算接受他的好意。4.I don't really feel inclined to live here.我不太想在这里长住。 
18 I feel inclined to go on a trip this weekend. 这个周末我想出去旅行。  1.I'm going to apply for the job.我打算申请这份工作。2.I'll vacuum the carpet. 我要用吸尘器打扫一下地毯。3. I intend to help her.我打算帮她。4. My intention is to return to China.我打算回到中国。  
19 Would you like to meet Mr. Lee at the airport? 你愿意去机场接李先生吗?  1. You'd better not do it.你最好别做这件事。 2. I'd like to suggest that we go there by train. 我建议我们乘火车去。3. Why not write a new book? 为什么不写一本新书呢?4. Shall we finish the job tomorrow?我们明天完成这件工作好吗?  
20 I think that's an excellent proposal.   我认为这是个极好的建议。  1. I'd love to.好的。2. That'll just fine.好极了。3. That's a good idea.好主意!4. All right.行。5. I think your suggestion is acceptable.我认为您的建议是可取的。 
21 I regret to say I can't accept your suggestion. 很遗憾我不能接受您的建议  1. I'd like that, but I can't afford the time. 我倒是希望那样,但我抽不出时间。2. Well, I'd rather not if you don't mind.哦,如果你不介意的的话,我还是不这样的好。3.No,don't bother.不,您别费心了。4.No,can't be done.不,不行  
22 Could I ask if you remember the date? 您还记得那天是几号吗?  1. Can you recall the days?你还能回想起那些日子吗?2. Can't you remember?你不记得了吗?3. You haven't forgot him, have you?你没忘记他,是吧?4. I wonder if you remember it.不知道你是否还记得它。  
23 It‘s still in my mind. 这事我记着呢。  1. Yes,I remember.是的,我记着呢。2. As far as I can remember, he was tall and handsome.在我的记忆中,他高大英俊。3.I'll never forget about that.我永远不会忘记的。4.I seem to remember it was January 10.我似乎记得那天是1月10日。  
24 His name just won't come to my mind. 我想不起来他的名字。  1. I can't remember.我不记得了。2. It slipped my mind. 我忘了。3. I'm sorry, I've completely forgot.对不起,我全忘了。4. I have to admit I don't remember.我得承认我不记得了。  
25 I'm afraid I have to remind you that time is up.   恐怕我得提醒你时间到了。  1.Remember about it.别忘了这件事。2. Don't forget to post the letter.别忘了寄信。3. You haven't forgot about it, have you?你还记得这件事,对不对?4. May I remind you to help her with her report?请允许我提醒您帮她完成报告这件事。 
26 Do you think it's a reasonable proposal? 你觉得这个建议合理吗?  1.What's your opinion of this film?您觉得这部电影怎么样?2. I'd like to hear your opinion.我想听听您的意见。3. What do you think of my report?你觉得我的报告写得如何?4. What about my new shoes?我新买的鞋子怎么样?  
27 personally, I believe it's a big problem. 我个人认为这是个大问题。  1.In my opinion,smoking is bad for your health.依我看,吸烟对你的健康不利。2. I think she is mistaken.我认为她错了。3.To be quite frank, nobody's interested in it.坦白地说,没有人对此感兴趣。4.I'd like to point out that we're in great need of water.我想指出,我们急需用水。 
28 Your guess is as good as mine. 我跟你一样拿不准。  1. I've nothing to say about the decision.我对这个决议没什么可说的。2. I really don't know what to say. 我确实没有什么主张。3. I couldn't say, I'm afraid.恐怕我说不上来。4. It makes no odds to me.这对我无所谓。  
29 I'm sorry I can't answer the question.   很抱歉我无法回答这个问题。  1. It's difficult to say.很难说。2. Do you think so? 你这样认为吗?3. I'd rather not say anything about that.对于这一点我还是不说什么的好?4. I'm afraid you'd have to ask Dr.Brown about that.这件事恐怕你还得问布朗医生。 
30 But don't you think you can finish it? 但是你不认为你能够把它完成吗?  1. But look at it like this, a wise man also makes mistakes.但是你这样来考虑一下,聪明的人也会犯错误。2.I see what you mean, but everybody is born equal.我明白你的意思,不过人人生来是平等的。3. I'm not sure if you agree, but internet is changing our lives a great deal.我不能肯定你是否同意,不过因特网正在极大地改变我们的生活。4. I respect your opinion, of course. However, it is not easy to be a boss.当然,我尊重您的意见。但是,当老板可不是一件容易的事。 
31 That's a good idea, but it may not work. 这是个好主意,但它未必行得通。  1.Don't be like that.别这样!2. It'll get you nowhere.你这样是行不通的。3.Don't you think it is dangerous to swim in that river? 你不认为在那条河里游泳不安全吗?4. Can I persuade you to believe it?我能不能说服您相信这一点?  



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