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01 Did Lily receive her visa on the first try? 莉莉在第一次面试时得到签证了吗?  receive visa;得到签证 例句:She received her visa on the first try.她第一次面试中得到了签证。Lily did not receive her visa on the first try.莉莉在第一次面试中没得到签证。 
02 I got the grade report from school.Guess what? 我拿到了成绩单,你猜怎么样?  …Guess what?你猜怎么样? 例句:I went to register for three courses.Guess what?我去要注册三门课,你猜怎么样?I met the Queen of our class.Guess what?我今天见到我们班的女皇了,你猜怎么样?  
03 They are new to this procedure. 他们不熟悉这个程序。  They are new to..他们不熟悉~ 例句:They are new to this group.他们不熟悉这个团队。They are new to this area.他们初来乍到,人生地不熟。 
04 What time do you start checking in? 你们什么时候开始检票。  checking in;办理登机手续 例句:By what time should I check in?到什么时候我应该检票?What time do I have to checking in?什么时间办理登机手续?  
05 What time do you start boarding?   什么时候开始登机?  start/begin boarding;开始登机 例句:Has this seat number started boarding?这个号的位子开始登机了吗?That flight has begun boarding.那个航班已开始登机。 
06 Will the plane take off on time? 飞机会准时起飞吗?  take off;起飞 例句:The plane will take off.飞机就要起飞了。The plane is about to take off.飞机就要起飞了。  
07 This train leaves for Beijing. 这列火车开往北京。  This train leaves for..这列火车开往~ 例句:This train leaves for Shanghai.这列火车开往上海。This train leaves for Chengdu.这列火车开往成都。  
08 Mary is one up on Helen.   玛丽比海伦更胜一筹。  例句:New York is superior to London in finance.纽约的金融业强于英国。I think cotton has the edge over dacron.我认为棉布比涤纶好。 
09 I suppose you're mistaken there.   我认为您错了。  例句:I'm sorry,but I'm using it right now.不能满足别人要求的时候通常先表达歉意再说明理由。I suppose you are mistaken there.这句是比较正式的说法。在商务谈判或召开会议的时候用来更正别人的看法。 
10 It is a little after six. 6点刚过。  例句:What time is it?是询问时间的通用语。也可以说What's the time?或What is the time by your watch?(你的表几点了?)About seven o'clock.表达整点时间时在数字后面可加o'clock。 
11 It's kind of complicated. 有一点复杂。  例句:It's a long story.当被问及尴尬问题时你可以这样回答,这句话含有不愿意多解释或很难解释的意味。It's difficult to explain.这句话和It's kind of complicated.一样。 
12 It reminds me of my college life. 这使我想起了我的大学时代。  例句:It reminds me of my college life.当别人说的话引起了你对过去经理的回忆时就可以用It reminds me of… What a coincidence!I've just come back from that city.Coincidence意为巧合(的事)。  
13 Actually no one can parallel her in English . 事实上谁的英语也赶不上她。  例句:She is no longer the same girl as she was 5 years ago.她不再是五年前的女孩了。My pen equals yours in quality.我们俩的笔质量相同。 
14 I bet you cannot play cards,can you?   你肯定不会玩牌,是不是? 例句:You have a talent for music.hace a talent for…只拥有特殊的能力、才能、才干。She showed great aptitude for designing at the age of five.Apitude是天生的才能或技巧;天资;天赋。 
15 What do you reckon I should do? 你认为我该怎么办?  例句:What do you think I should do?用来询问对方自己应该做什么。When do you think I should come?用来询问对方做事的时间。 
16 The way I see it,you should keep your promise. 我认为你应该信守承诺。  例句:If I were in your position,I would not break my promise.这句使用虚拟语气,设身处地地从对方的角度看问题。It will do you good if you quit smoking.句中的do you good在这里相当于be good for your health
17 That has nothing to do with it. 那件事跟这没有关系。  例句:That just doesn't make sense.那说不通啊。That's ridiculous. 真荒唐。 
18 Your love fills my life. 我的生活中处处有你的爱。  例句:You are right here in my heart and will always be.你在我心中,永远在我心中。 
19 I'll see how it goes. 看情况吧。  例句:I just need to get away for a few days.我只是需要离开几天。I'm supposed to go and see a movie.我应该去看电影。 
20 I'm sorry.I don't get what you're driving at.


例句:Sorry,I'm not sure I understand.用来委婉地表达自己没太明白。Sorry,I don't quite understand.明确表示自己不明白。 
21 Are you serious? 你是认真的吗?  例句:Are you seious?表达对某事难以置信。Do you really think so?用来确认别人的观点。 
22 China's economy is doing very well.   中国经济发展良好。  例句:Unemployment rate is pretty high these days.目前失业率很高。How do you think China's economy is doing? 你认为中国经济怎么样? 
23 I wonder if you could tell me something.   不知你能否告诉我一件事。  例句:I wonder if you could tell me something.这句话比Can I ask you something?语气更委婉。I hope you don't mind my asking this.询问对方私人问题前可以这么说。 
24 You've been very quiet up to now. 你一直不吭声。 例句:What do you think?直接询问对方的看法。You've been very quiet up to now.这也是一种引导别人参与讨论的方式。  
25 I am going to miss you 我会想念你的。  例句:Bye是简略的告别语,也可以说Goodbye或Bye-bye.  短暂分别时的道路语,一般用于不太正式的场合。也可以说成See you againSee you soon.或See you tomorrow. 
26 It seems to be clearing up.   天要放晴了。  例句:It is a nice morning,isn't it?人们早上见面可以这样自然随意地打开话题。It seems to be clearing up.中的clear up指天气放晴。 
27 We are all behind this project. 我们都支持这个项目。  例句:I'm in favor,too.Favor除了表示喜爱、好感外还表示赞同。I'm with you there.be with you在口语中可以表示支持,与…同感,同意的意思。There表示对方提到的意见或看法。 
28 DO you agree with me 你同意我的看法吗?  例句:How do you feel about that?用来询问对方对某事的观点和看法。Don't you agree to my plan?询问别人是否同意自己的计划,也可以说Do you agree to my plan
29 Do you follow me?   你懂我的意思吗?  例句:Are you with me?询问对方是否理解自己的意思。Be with在口语中可以指听懂(某人的话)。Got it?是非常口语化的说法,比较随意。 
30 I'd like to fix an appointment with you. 我想和你约一下。  例句:I'd like在口语中经常使用,它能有效地表达意愿和目的。I'd like to meet you tomorrow.是很正常的约定用语。 
31 I'd like to change our appointment to Sunday.   我想把约会改到周日。  例句:some other time意思是改天,其他时间,也可以说:Do you think we could make it some other time? Make/fix an appointment with sb. 与某人约会keep/break an appointment践(失)约。 



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