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01 I'm busy trying to make ends meet. 我正忙于尽力使收支平衡。  make ends meet:使收支平衡 例:I'm trying to make ends meet.So I do typing work as a part time job. 为了是收支平衡,我兼职做一份打字的工作。  
02 You should save some money for a rainy day.   你应该存些钱以备不时之需。  save some money for a rainy day:存钱以备不时之需 例:I'd like to take a vacation with my wife.However, we have decided to save some money for a rainy day.我想跟太太一起去度假,不过后来我们还是决定存些钱以备将来不时之需。 
03 We held talks behind closed doors.   我们秘密地举行了会谈。  behind closed doors:秘密地 例:We held the conference behind closed doors. 我们秘密地召开了这次会议。 
04 Down the road, we plan to have a party. 我们近期准备搞一个聚会。 down the road: 近期 例:My parents will visit me sometime down the road.我父母亲近期要来看望我。I've heard that sometime down the road the most popular film will be shown in Shanghai.我听说那部最流行的电影近期将在上海放映。
05 Pick up your pace. It'll start raining soon.   快点走,天要下雨了。  pick up the pace:加快脚步 例:We are late for the banquet. Pick up the pace.我们赴宴迟了,快点走吧。 
06 It could be years before we get our payment.   等我们拿到钱,可得些时间了。  It could be years before….. 要…..可得些时间了。 例:It could be years before the building is renovated.等到这楼房装修完,可得哪年哪月。It could be years before she figures out.等她搞明白是怎么回事,可得些年头了。 
07 This style of dress is in fashion. 这种衣服式样很流行。  be in fashion:流行 例:A short shirt is in fashion. 短裙现在很流行。Red is in fashion. 红色现在很流行。 
08 The top hat is for formal occasions. 这种高顶帽只有在正式场合才能戴。  be for..适合 例句:The hat will be good for cold winter days.这顶帽子冬天戴上非常暖和。I'm interested in seeing a pair of shoes to be for my new red dress.我想买一双鞋来配我的红色的新裙子。 
09 I'm afraid they are a bit too tight.They pinch.   (鞋)恐怕太紧了点,夹脚。  I'm afraid..恐怕 例句:I'm afraid this pair of shoes no longer fits me.我看这鞋我穿不了了。Size 35 is too small.I'm afraid I can't even squeeze my toes into them.35号太小了,恐怕我连脚趾都塞不进去。 
10 This hat will brighten up your look.   这顶帽子能使你变靓不少。  bright up one's look;使某人増靓 例句:Actually,scarves and bags are very useful accessories to brighten up your look.实际上,围巾和提包是让你看起来更靓丽的好用的配件。I like the color of this corduroy roll bag.White gets dirty easily,but it will brighten up your look.我喜欢这个细灯芯绒圆形包的颜色。虽然白的很容易脏,但是可以使人增靓不少。
11 Just browsing,thanks. 谢谢,我只是逛逛。  Just browsing;只是逛逛 例句:No,thanks.Just browsing.Maybe later I might need your help.不,谢谢。我只是逛逛。可能过一会需要你的帮忙。No,Just browsing.I have nothing to buy.不,我只是逛逛,不想买什么。 
12 Please show me some samples of cloth. 请把衣料样子给我看看。  samples of…样品 例句:Do you have some samples of good woolen fabrics?你有好的羊毛制品的样品吗?Can you show me some samples of nylon cloth?你能给我看些尼龙布料的样品吗? 
13 What material is it?


What material..?什么料子? 例句:What material do you like?你喜欢什么料子?What material is this dress made of?这套洋装是什么料子坐到呢?  
14 I can take in an inch at the sleeves. 我可以给您将袖子收进一英寸。  take in;收进 例句:I like this style,and I want to take in a little close around the waist.我喜欢这种款式,而且我希望腰身稍紧一点。We can reset the seams and take in some of the material.我们可以重新安排缝口,并收进一点衣料。 
15 Is watermelon in season now?   现在是吃西瓜的季节吗? in season;应季 例句:What kinds of fruit are in season now?现在有什么当季的水果 
16 Last call comes at two a.m.   凌晨2点开始清吧。 

last call;清吧 例句:It is usually hopping until last call.在开始清吧前一直很热闹。 

17 Let's drink to our health.   让我们为我们的健康干杯。  Let's drink to…让我们为。。干杯 例句:Let's drink to our friendship.让我们为我们的有一干杯。Let's drink to our unity.让我们为我们的团结干杯。 
18 Ma Po bean curd is characteristic of Sichuan food.   麻婆豆腐极具川菜特色。  characteristic of..具有~特色 例句:Let me suggest the boiled mutton.It's one of the specialities of this restaurant.我建议吃涮羊肉,这是这家餐厅的特色菜之一。This restaurant seems to be characteristic of vegetarian dishes.这家餐厅似乎以素菜为其特色。 
19 What specialities do you have? 你们有什么特色菜?  What specialities..?什么特色菜? 例句:What are the specialties of the house?你们餐馆有什么特色菜?  
20 May I have a menu,please?  


menu 菜单/包席 例句:Waiter,we'd like a menu,please.服务员,我们要一份菜单。What's on the menu today?今天的菜单上有什么? 
21 Please take my order. 请让我点菜 。  order 点菜 例句:Have you ordered already?你已点好菜了吗?I will order later.我呆会再点菜。 
22 How about the roast duck? 你觉得烤鸭好吃吗?  How about..?~怎么样? 例句:How about your steak this time,sir?这回您的牛排怎么样,先生?How about sme coffee or tea,then?那么再喝点咖啡或茶吧! 
23 Do you take milk and suger in your tea? 你的茶要放牛奶和糖吗?  take..in..在~中加入~ 例句:Would you like to take cream and suger in your coffee?你的咖啡要加奶油和糖吗?Would you like to take milk and suger in your tea?在茶里放牛奶和糖吗? 
24 The dinner is on me. 午饭我请客。  …is(are)on me~我来付 例句:The drinks are on me!这酒我请客!The lunch is on me.午饭我请客。  
25 Are you on any teams? 你参加任何队伍吗?  on..team;参加~队伍 例句:I'm on my school's soccer team.我参加学校足球队。I play on my company's basketball team.However,it's not very serious.我参加公司的篮球队,只不过,并不是很正式。 
26 Find a channel and stick with it. 找到一个频道后一直看下去。  stick with/to;锁定 例句:Stick with one channel.锁定一个频道。Stick to one channel.锁定一个频道。  
27 I have some pliers in there 我放了几把钳子在那。  I have some..in there;我放了 例句:I have some lurse in there.我放了几把鱼饵在那。I have some hooks in there.我放了几把鱼饵在哪。 
28 He plays bridge half for pleasure 他打桥牌一半是为了消遣。  He..half for pleasure;他~一半是为了消遣 例句:He plays cards half for pleasure.他打牌一半是为了消遣。He plays chess half for pleasure.他下棋一半是为了消遣。 



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