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What if I can't go?

要是我去不了怎么办?  What if…要是…怎么办? 例:What if Amy does not want to go?要是艾米不想去怎么办? 
02 Can I set you up with a good friend of mine? 我可以把一个好朋友介绍给你吗?   set … up with…/introduce … to… 把…介绍给… 例:Hey,why don't you set me up with someone from your company?嘿,你为什么不从公司介绍一个朋友给我?Oh,you mean you want to be introduced to somebody really good looking. I understand.噢,你是想让我把你介绍给一个很漂亮的女孩子。我明白了。 
03 You are sexy/sweet/beautiful. 你真性感/真好/真漂亮。   You are … 你真…(恭维) 例:You are so beautiful, charming and elegant!你是那么漂亮、迷人和高贵。You are a real man.你是个真正的男人。You are mildest lady I've ever seen.你是我见过的最温柔的女子。You are the most beautiful flower in my mind.你是我心中最美丽的花朵。 
04 How long have you been married?   你结婚多久了?  be marred:结婚 例:I've been married for two years.我结婚两年了。I've been married since 2002.我2002年结的婚。We've been married for quite a few years.我们结婚有些年头了。Is your daughter married? 你女儿结婚了吗? 
05 Would you marry me?   你愿意嫁给我吗?  marry sb:与某人结婚 例:I want to marry you. 我想与你结婚。I'm eager to marry you.我想快点和你结婚。 
06 I give you my word.I will never leave you.   我向你保证永不离开你。  I give you my word.我向你保证。例:I give you my word.I'll quit smoking from today.我向你保证,今天开始戒烟。I give you my word that I won't play Mahjong any more.我向你保证,再也不打麻将。I give you my word.I will start to exercise next month.我向你保证,下月开始锻炼身体。 
07 There is a flash of lightning. 一道闪电。   There is a … …了(说明天气)。 例:There is a clap of thunder.打雷了。There is a frost.降霜了。There is a lightning storm.闪雷电了。 
08 Tracy's sudden marriage knocked my socks off. 特蕾西的闪电结婚让我感到震惊。   knock one's socks off:使…震惊 例:I didn't think Lucy was a good public speaker, but her speech yesterday really knocked my socks off.我认为露西不善于在公共场合发言,但昨天她的发言让我大吃一惊。The lastest government taxes knocked everyone's socks off.最近的政府税收令人惊讶。 
09 Be quiet!You're getting in my hair.   安静!你们在不断地打扰我。 get in one's hair: 不断打扰… 例: It's hard for me to work at home because my baby gets in my hair.我很难在家办公,因为孩子不断地打扰我。I can't get any sleep because my roommate is getting in my hair.我无法入睡,因为室友不断地打扰我。 
10 I'm very annoyed at my own mistake. 我对自己犯的错很恼火。   be annoyed at:对…感到非常生气 例: I'm very annoyed at his gossip.他的流言蜚语让我太生气了。 
11 Are you in favor of our proposal? 你赞成我们的提议吗?   Are you in favor of… 你赞成…吗?例:Are you in favor of his project? 你赞成他的项目吗?Are you in favor of the teacher's decision? 你赞成老师的决定吗? 
12 I'm totally absorbed in building this bookcase.   我全神贯注地做这个书柜。  I'm totally… 我完全… 例:I was totally engrossed in the game and lost track of the time.我完全被比赛吸引而忘了时间。I was totally involved in my painting and never heard the telephone ring.我专心作画,没听见电话铃响。 
13 His words stimulated me to work harder. 他的话激励我更加努力工作。   stimulate sb. to do sth. 激励某人去做某事。 例:His words stimulated me to scale heights in science and techonology.他的话激励我攀登科学技术的新高峰。His words stimulated me to strive for greater victory.他的话激励我争取更大的胜利。 
14 Are you guys going to keep in touch? 你们会继续保持联系吗?   keep in touch:保持联系 例:How can you keep in touch with far away friends?你怎么跟远方的朋友保持联系?Let's keep in touch. 让我们保持联系。We've kept in touch for many years.我们多年来一直保持联系。 
15 I asked Helen to go shopping, but I was stood up.   我约海伦去购物,但我白等了。  be stood up: 白等了。 例:She agreed to go to see the movie with me, but then she turned me down. I was stood up.她说好和我一起去看电影的,可她又改变主意了。让我白等了一场。The manager agreed to have dinner with me, but he didn't show up. I was stood up. 经理答应和我一块吃饭的,但他没有来,让我白等了。 
16 Please come in and make yourself at home. 请进,不要拘束(就像在家一样)。   make yourself at home:请不要客气。例:Just help yourself.Make yourself at home.请随便吃,不要客气。Feel free to look around. Make yourself at home.四处随便看看,请不要客气。Have a seat. Make yourself at home.请坐,不要拘束。 
17 I guess we should have a heart-to-heart talk. 我想我们应该认真谈谈。   have a heart-to-heart talk:好好谈谈 例:You have been giving me the cold shoulder recently. Let's have a heart-to-heart talk.你最近对我很冷淡,让我们认真谈谈原因吧。Our relationship is drifting apart.Let's have a heart-to-heart talk.我们的关系越来越疏远了,我们好好谈谈吧。 
18 Did you break up amicably? 你们是友好地分手吗?   break up:分手 例: Sometimes couples row a lot before breaking up.有时,情侣在分手之前会大吵大闹。We decided to break up. To be more precise,he dumped me.我们决定分手,更确切地说,是他抛弃了我。Why did you guys break up?你们为什么分手? 
19 You mean you're proposing to me now?   你是在向我求婚吗?  propose to sb.:向…求婚 例:Where did he propose? 他在哪求的婚?He proposed to me at one of our favorite restaurants. 他在一个我们最喜欢的饭店求的婚。 
20 What does the weather forcast say?  天气预报怎么说?  the weather forcast:天气预报 例:the weather forcast says it's going to rain for three days.天气预报说要下三天雨。Let's listent to the weather forcast on the radio, shall we?我们收听天气预报好吗?The weather forcast is not very good at predicting what the weather will be like.天气预报不能很好地预报天气状况。 
21 Do you have any experience in advertising? 你有广告方面的经验吗?   Do you have any experience? 你有经验吗? 例:Do you have any sales? 你有销售经验吗?Do you have any work experience,you know, part-time or short-term job,if not necessarily offical work?过去工作过吗?不一定是正式工作,包括兼职或短期的工作。 
22 I prefer oil paintings to watercolor paintings. 与水彩画相比,我更喜欢油画。   prefer…to…/rather than: 与…相比,更喜欢…. 例:I prefer painters who use oils rather than water colours.我更喜欢油画家而不是水彩画家。Many people preferred to die rather than surrender during the war.在战争期间,许多人宁死不屈。 
23 How long will it take by sea?   寄海运要多久?  How long will it take…? …要多久? 例:How long will it take for an airmail letter to get to China? 航空信寄到中国要多久?How long will it take to get there? 到那要多长时间? 
24 Do you want it insured? 你想给它买保险吗?   Do you want it …? 你想给它…吗? 例:Do you want it registered? 你想给它挂号吗?Do you want it done in a short time?你想让它在短期内完成吗? 
25 I'd like to open a credit card account.   我想开一个信用卡账户。  open an account:开账户 例:I'd like to open an internet account.我想开一个互联网账户。What kind of account do you want to open? 你想开那种账户? 
26 What's your identification number?   你的身份证号码是多少? What's your … number? 你的…号码是多少? 例:What's your Alien Resident Certificate number?你的外侨居留证号码是多少?What's your passport number? 你的护照号码是多少? 
27 I have a pain in the lower abdomen.   我的下腹部有点痛。 I have a pain in … . 我 … 痛 例:I have a dull/sharp pain in the stomach.我的腹部有点隐痛/刺痛。I have a pain in my side. 我这边有点痛。 
28 The doctor advised him to give up smoking and wine. 医生劝他戒烟戒酒。   The doctor advised him to … . 医生建议他… 例:The doctor advised him to take part in social activities.医生劝他参加社交活动。The doctor advised him to go into training.医生劝他参加锻炼。The doctor advised him to have a good rest.医生劝他注意休息。 
29 How would you like your hair done? 你喜欢什么样的发式?   How would you like … ? 你想… ? 例:How would you like it cut,sir? 先生,你要理成什么样子?How would you like your sideburns? 两鬓怎么剪? 
30 Would you like to hold the line for a moment?   (电话)你能等一会吗?  hold on/hold the line/hang on:稍等一会。 例:Hold on,please.I'll connect you. 请稍候,我替您转接。Hang on for a moment, please.请不要挂线。 
31 I'm looking for a one-bedroom apartment. 我想租一个有一间卧室的公寓。   I'm looking for … 我想租…. 例I'm looking for a two-bedroom apartment.我想租一个有两间卧室的公寓。I'm looking for a studioapartment.我想租一套单室公寓房。 



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