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01 All the best in your new job. 祝你新工作一切顺利。

All the best…祝你…顺利。例:All the best in the contest.祝你比赛顺利。

02 But now I have a complex about my weight.  但现在我开始担心自己的体重。  I have a complex about…我担心…例:.I have a complex about being late.我担心会迟到。
03 I got a good sleep and now got my second wind 我睡得很好,所以现在又有精神了。  I got my second wind…我的精神恢复了…例:After 10 minutes rest,I got  my  second wind.休息了10分钟,我的精神恢复了。
04 Do you come from a big family? 你来自一个大家庭吗?   Do you…?你…吗?例:Do you have brothers  or sisters?你有兄弟姐妹吗? 
05 I live with my in-laws. 我跟我的岳父母住。 I live with…我与…住。例:I live with my parents.我跟我父母住在一起。
06 What does your sister look like? 你姐姐长得如何?   What do…look like…长得如何。例:What do your father and mother look like?你父母长什么样? 
07 You're turning into a little lady?  你都长成一个小淑女了?  You're turning into…你都长成…例:You're turning into a little gentleman!你都长成一位小绅士了! 
08 Do you get along with all your relatives? 你跟所有的亲戚都处得来吗?  get along with….与…处得来。例:Do you get along with your in-laws?你和你的亲家处得来吗?We all get along well with each other.我们都处得很好。How do you get along with your brother?你和你的兄弟处得来吗?We're getting along really well with each other.我们处得很融洽。
09 They often have rows. 他们经常吵架。  have rows:吵架。例:My husband and I still seem to have rows all the time.我的丈夫和我仍然每天争吵不休。My son and his girlfriend have had yet another row, but no doubt they'll patch it up by the weekend. 我儿子和他女朋友又吵了一架, 但到周末他们会和好的。
10 What do you think about divorce? 你怎么看待离婚?  What do you think about….?你怎样看待…?What do you think about single-parent families?你怎么看待单亲家庭?What do you think about retirement homes?你怎么看待养老院?
11 It's your turn to do the dishes. 轮到你洗碗了。  It's your turn to…轮到你… 例:It's your turn to clear the table.轮到你清理餐桌了。It's your turn now to stand where I stand.现在轮到你扮演我的角色了。
12 Stop pestering your little sister ! 别逗弄你的小妹妹!  stop doing sth. 别….例:Stop making fun of me.不要来戏弄我。Stop picking on me.别欺负我。Stop talking in class!上课不要说话!
13 Say"thank you"! 说“谢谢”!  say …说… .特别是在教育小孩子的时候。如:Say “you're welcome”!说“不客气”! Say “sorry”! 说“对不起”!Say “excuse me”! 说“对不起”!Say “please”! 说“请”!
14  Act like a lady ! 做得像个淑女些!   act like…做得像个…例:Act like a gentleman ! 做得像个绅士些!A man may talk like a wise man and act like a fool.说得天花乱坠,干得颠三倒四。 
15 Do as I say. 照我说的做。   do as…照…做。Do as I tell you. 照我告诉你的做。Do as you're told. 按你听到的做。
16  What an incredible story! 这件事真难以置信!   what a(an)…! 真…! 例:What a surprise ! 真出人意外! What a deplorable performance ! 多糟的表演!
17  He's too excited to say one word.  他激动得一句话也说不出来。  too…to…/so…that….太…而不能…/如此…以至于…例:I'm so excited that I can't fall asleep.我激动得睡不着觉。I'm too excited to fall sleep. 我激动得睡不着觉。 
18 The car honking really bugs me 汽车的喇叭声真让人心烦。  ...really bug me   …真令人心烦。例:That reaaly bugs me! Could you tell him to stop it?真烦人,能让他停下来吗?That man sings the same song over and over again.He really bugs me! 那男的把一首歌反复唱来唱去,真让人心烦。 
19 That wretch !  真卑鄙!  that…! 真…! 例:That rascal ! 真霸道! That bully ! 真霸道! 
20  Don't make a fuss. 不要小题大做。   Don't… 别….例:Don't pretend that you are good God.别假装圣人。Don't lie to me. 别骗我。Don't get fresh.不要动手动脚。Don't monkey around me!不要在这里捣蛋!Don't talk nonsense! 别胡诌了! 
21  What are you trying to say?  你到底要说什么?  what are you trying to…? 你到底要…? 例:What are you trying to tell me? 你到底想告诉我什么?What are you trying to do?你到底要干什么? 
22 What he did aroused our anger.  他的所作所为激起了我们的愤怒。  What he did aroused…他的所作所为激起了...   例: What he did aroused our indignation. 他的所作所为激起了我们的愤慨。 What he did aroused our resentment.他的所作所为激起了我们的不满。 
23 I can't stand the weather in summer.  我无法忍受夏天的天气。  I can't stand…我不能容忍….例:I can't stand his rudeness.我不能容忍他的粗鲁。I can't stand her carelessness.我不能容忍她的粗心。I cannot stand that man; he talks too much. 我忍受不了那个人了, 他话太多。 
24 If I were in your position, I would do even worse. 如果我是你,我做得会更糟。   If I were in your position,…如果我处在你的位置的, …例:If I were in your position,  I would do the same thing.我要是处在你那种环境下,我会做同样的事。If I were in your position, I could only do half of the work.如果我处在你的位置上,我只能做你所做的工作的一半。 
25 That's the way it goes with men. 男人就是这样。   That's the way it goes.就是这个样子。例:That's the way it goes.That's why I never lend out anything I care abut.就是这个样子。这也就是我从来不把自己心爱的东西借给别人的原因。 
26 Look on the bright side.At least you have a job.  乐观一点,至少你还有份工作。  Look on the bright side.乐观一点。例:Look on the bright side.There is still a chance that the stock market will go up.乐观一点,股市还有机会回升。Look on the bright side.Although things are not going as you would like, you have a very supportive family.乐观一点,虽然你事业发展不尽如人意,但你拥有一个支持你的家庭。 
27 If you want to try it, more power to you 如果你想试一试,那么就加油喽!  more power to you.再接再厉/加油啊  例:You did? Well, more power to you. Congratulations.真的?哇,加油吧!恭喜你啦! 
28 Don't worry. I'm sure you'll do better next time.  别发愁,我肯定下次你会做好的  I'm sure you… 我肯定你…. 例:I'm sure you can beat her if you improve your serves.如果你改进你的发球,我保证你能打败她。
29 Congratulations! Let's paint the town red. 恭喜恭喜!让我们好好庆祝一下。   Let's paint the town red. 让我们好好庆祝一下。 例:The Chinese women's football team won the silver medal at the Olympic Games. Let's paint the town red. 中国女足在奥运会上获得亚军,我们去好好庆祝一下吧! 
30 Not right now. I've got a lot on my mind 现在不行,我没心思。 ...have got a lot on my mind …有很多心事。例:I've got a lot on my mind. I have to take the final exam in two days.我有很多心事,两天后我要参加期末考试。My girlfriend just left me, so I've got a lot on my mind.我女朋友刚离开我,我心里很乱。 



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